Why CrowdBridge?

At CrowdBridge, we believe in the power of collective intelligence. That’s why we’ve developed a system that allows you to get the insight you need directly from the people in your organization. We operate under the notion of talent driving strategy rather than strategy driving talent, and believe in resourcing the knowledge of the crowd to yield better results. Most people agree that employees are the most valuable part of any organization, yet in many cases, employees are under utilized. That’s where we come in. We ask employees questions not necessarily related to their responsibilities so that in the aggregate, leadership can see what the crowd really thinks.

Not only does this place value on your employees’ contributions, it streamlines your business process which leads to better outcomes. Instead of making big organizational decisions based on the contributions of a select few, make better predictions by leveraging the voice of the crowd. Whether you’re looking to engage your employees, improve risk management, or get better predictions of your investments, we can help you scale your business to the next level.

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Why Not Just Run a Survey?

Our applications give a completely different experience and produces a different kind of result than a survey. A survey is like an election, a snapshot in time, in which everyone has an equal vote.

Our applications are more agile, like a marketplace with weighted voting. By combining all the input of individual team members, we generate market signals about what initiatives should be funded, or about what is actually going to happen in the future. In real time, if people get new information, they can update their input.

Engagement Pays

Companies with engaged workforces consistently outperform their competitors in financial performance, productivity and retention. That is why billions are spent each year to measure levels of engagement, and to promote feelings of engagement through recognition programs.

CrowdBridge goes beyond measuring engagement to actually engaging employees in the decision-making process. In real time they can see how their inputs influence organizational directions. They’ll thank you for the opportunity.

Diversity: The Secret Sauce of Team Success

Research proves that teams are consistently smarter than individuals. Usually smarter even than experts? Why? We all know a little bit, and we all we all have our biases. When our knowledge gets combined as a team a wonderful thing happens: our total knowledge increases, and our biases tend to cancel each other out.

Crowdsourcing insight from your team is a great and easy way to celebrate the value that comes from listening to those who have not been heard before.

Talent Development: Make Your People a Virtual Panel of Experts

Your employees are your most expensive and most important asset. Leading organizations know that their most talented people can be anywhere in the organization. They don’t let rigid hierarchies get in the way of networks, relationships, and communication lines that are fluid.

Crowdsourcing their talent lets your build virtual panel of experts to inform strategic decisions. This is particularly true for your top talent. Research shows that your top 2% of employees are 10 times more productive than an average employee. Crowdsourcing is a great way to unlock this potential.

Make it Like a Game: the Key to High Engagement Levels

CrowdBridge created a fun and easy way for employees to share what they know. Whether it is by giving them the ability to allocate a portion of an innovation budget, or by measuring the accuracy of their forecasts on a leaderboard, employees have “skin in the game.” By participating employees can see in real time how they are making a difference to the decisions the organization takes.

About the Founder of CrowdBridge

Before getting into crowdsourcing, John Stroud worked in a crown corporation that employed over 500 permanent employees and 7,000 contracted employees. During this time, John began to understand the importance of employees when it comes to business success

After a business opportunity came up in which John had to conduct research to gather collective information, John concluded that the employees held important information that management simply did not, and as such decided to invest in a business that focused on leveraging the information of the crowd.

Then came CrowdBridge, an organization that amplifies the voice and knowledge of the crowd in any organization. John is passionate about CrowdBridge, and is confident in the positive impact crowdsourcing will provide for your business.

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