Summer Results Are Here!

The summer is coming to a close, whether we’re happy about it or not. One thing about the end of the summer we at CrowdBridge are excited about is that a few questions are about to reach their resolve date. Let’s see how the crowd is doing so far with three questions set to close this Friday Aug 31.

1. Will Trudeau’s retaliation plan against US steel and aluminum tariffs cause Trump to remove them by the end of the summer?

Voting is set to officially close this Friday, August 31. So far, it looks like the crowd has been very accurate for this one, collectively predicting a 15% chance that Trudeau’s retaliation plan would work out in Canada’s favour. In fact, Trump seems to be so uninterested in making amends that he has claimed he wants to change the name from NAFTA to “the U.S.-Mexico free trade agreement.” Mexico has been urging Trump to include Canada in these talks so all three countries can have a free trade agreement, but Trump so far does not seem too interested in that idea. So, there is a SLIGHT chance (15% chance perhaps??) that a new agreement will come out of this conflict that includes Canada, but there has been no further information released to give us any sort of idea or understanding as to what the next step will be for all three countries.

2. Will Ottawa have 60 or more “no swim day” advisories at its beaches this summer?

In 2017, the year of the flood, there were 64. In 2016, we experienced 48. The crowd collectively forecasted a 29% chance for this question. The crowd generally seemed to agree that this summer has been much more beautiful than last summer, making it rather unlikely that we will reach a number that high this year. To date, there have been 47 no-swim advisories, with the highest number of advisories taking place in July. It appears that most of the no-swim advisories were due to rain-fall. There are still a few more days of August to go until we can calculate a final number, but so far the crowd has been providing a pretty accurate forecast!

3. Will Guy Boucher still be the Sens coach for next season (October 2018)?

This past Spring, we were seeing a lot of disorganized behaviour from the Ottawa hockey team which left many people to question whether or not we will be seeing Boucher run another season. The forecasts on this question were very interesting, but so far, we are seeing that the crowd has forecasted another accurate prediction. The crowd predicted a 70.4% chance that Guy Boucher will still be coaching the team for this upcoming October 2018. So far, we have had no word or hint that Boucher may be leaving us, so once again, it looks like the crowd will be right!

Out of all three of these questions, the crowd is carrying a notable lead in its accuracy to predict situational outcomes this summer. As you can see, Crowd Intelligence is real and thriving. Crowd Intelligence can be used in so many beneficial ways and we cannot wait for it to be incorporated into corporate and governmental strategy! Stay tuned for the final numbers for this questions as they will all be officially resolved next week.

Leah Cross