Crowdsourcing Innovation

Crowdsourcing Innovation

Crowdsourcing is a new and fascinating practice that engages a crowd in order to achieve a common goal that is often pertinent to efficiency, problem-solving or innovation. The concept of crowdsourcing that we offer you at CrowdBridge is essentially powered by advanced technologies, web 2.0 and to some extent social media. Crowdsourcing innovation can be carried on diverse business levels as well as across a wide range of industries.

Credit goes to our rapidly growing connectivity that has now made it easier equally for individuals and organizations to contribute collectively whether with expertise, time or ideas. This phenomenon of collective mobilization can take you and your business to the next level of growth and success. Crowdsourcing solutions that we offer can provide your business the ultimate access to novel solutions, deeper engagement with consumers, reduced costs, task optimization and opportunities to co-create.

With the help of the internet, we at CrowdBridge have managed to bring business ventures much closer to all of their important stakeholders, putting the foundation for new methods to collaborate and create unprecedented collective value. Perhaps that is the reason why hundreds of organizations prefer our highly effective crowdsourcing strategic consulting solution.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a swiftly emerging notion that is putting a considerable impact on how business ventures operate and innovate. Governments and large corporations have already adopted this modern, scalable, flexible and creative workforce. We at CrowdBridge are proud to be amongst the pioneers that offer crowdsourcing consulting solutions.

We have managed to develop a considerable crowd network primarily by rating them at diverse expertise to fit them to the challenges you are striving to tackle. This lets us make the most out of an incredible network of specialists that are capable of resolving nearly any kind of issue that your business venture is fighting with.

CrowdBridge helps innovators, organizations and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to insert the muscle, in their services, products and systems, of crowd and experts who come from all corners of the world. We have uniquely designed our crowd consultation services to facilitate businesses to deal with the risk mitigation as well as stakeholder orientation. In addition to it, we strive to create an open and innovative culture in your organization. We provide you with advisory services by serving as a means to assist your company in taking an unbiased look at all of your operations.

What is Crowdsourcing Consulting?

Crowdsourcing management consulting is a notably new and advanced approach as compared to the conventional ways of consultation. It is not hard to observe how collaborative communities on a global level are revolutionizing the way organizations work by repositioning a whole section of market from traditional methods of consultation to a creative, interactive and scalable worldwide workforce.

Even though the concept of crowdsourcing might seem like an innovative approach at the moment, at CrowdBridge, we have no doubt about this fact that it will soon become an indispensable strategic technique for all those companies that are willing to witness sustainable, rapid growth by making the most out of crowdsourcing consultation’s capability to innovate swiftly, implement simple tasks and solve extremely complex problems.

crowdsourcing innovationThe phenomenon of crowdsourcing actually works for the business ventures in quite a few ways, including as a business model, financial model and work model. Your organization can benefit from crowdsourcing innovation in implementing innovation, governance, commercialization and introducing systems that can enhance the overall efficiency of your day to day operations. Knowledge, awareness and utilization of different collaborative corporate practices will act as a decisive factor between dominating and struggling business enterprises in the near future.

Crowdsourcing Typology

Knowledge Management and Discovery

When it comes to the management and discovery of knowledge, you have to assign a crowd the task to find out and gather the required information in a certain format and put it in a specific place. Reporting, organization and information collection are some of the primary objectives of knowledge management and discovery.

Broadcast Search

In broadcast search, you ask a crowd to help you out with solving different experimental problems. At CrowdBridge we give you the opportunity to utilize this approach to deal with a wide assortment of challenges, such as ideation for solutions that are empirically provable like scientific problems, IP etc.

Creative Production (Peer-vetted)

It involves assigning a crowd the task to create and select various creative ideas. This particular crowdsourcing strategic consulting solution can facilitate your organization in the ideation for those challenges where appropriate solutions depend upon market support or taste, such as market testing, product design, prototyping and so forth.

Distributed Human Intelligence Tasking

This crowdsourcing technique is employed to analyze a great deal of information with the help of a crowd. It works amazingly in those circumstances when human intelligence offers more effectiveness or efficiency as compared to mechanical/digital analysis. It means you can get better and more reliable outcomes related to large data analysis by using this method.

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