Your team has information that is valuable. The trick is to aggregate all of that knowledge in order to make better decisions.

One thing the crowd has proven to be good at is driving innovation with open-ended questions. Many organizations have eliminated barriers to developing new ideas. InnovationBridge allows individuals to submit ideas for change and vote on which idea will have the best outcome.

How Does It Work?

Call For Ideas

Identify an area for innovation or a problem that needs addressing. Decide on the overall budget. Each participant will get a portion of that budget to invest.

Idea Collection

Community members collaborate with one another as they suggest ideas while comment on the ideas of others.


Make the ideas available for crowdfunding. Like Kickstarter, ideas must “tip” within a certain period of time or they are not funded.


Ideas that are funded turn into real projects with a higher success rate.

What You Get – Dashboard on Investment Priorities

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