Your team has information that is valuable. The trick is to aggregate all of that knowledge in order to make better decisions.

One thing the crowd has proven to be good at is making predictions. ForecastBridge allows employees to place “bets” on whether future events will happen or not.

How Does It Work?

Once a question is asked, the crowd makes predictions and comments based on what they believe is likely to happen. The responses are revealed in real time and are updated as new information is gathered. This allows organizations to measure their progress, and make any necessary changes for improvement.

For example, if the question ‘Will project X finish on time?” is proposed, individuals can choose – or predict – either “yes” or “no”. As the project continues, individuals can make updates to their initial responses. Based on the feedback, organizations can choose whether or not to continue or discontinue projects.

This allows organizations to discover what the crowd thinks, and how to use it to their advantage

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