Leah Cross
This week, we bore witness to an event that has not taken place in at least ten years. The President of the United States Donald Trump sat down for a discussion with the notorious Kim Jong Un to discuss their countries’ unsteady relationship.
The sole fact that the U.S. actually agreed to meet with the leader of North Korea is shocking in itself and could mean one of two things. President Trump has either begun a revolutionary endeavour of peace and cooperation with the mysterious North Korea, or in the words of the New Yorker, was just a “dupe who squandered American credibility.”
Either way, this meeting will definitely be one for the history books. But what will the history books end up recording about what happens after this meeting? Civilians and experts are unsure. This is probably due to the fact that the details on Kim Jong Un’s process of denuclearization are being withheld, if details even exist. Trump gave the impression that he and the ‘talented’ Kim left the meeting with an ‘excellent relationship,’ however dodged all questions pertaining to any sort of timeline or risks of default.
Some reporters and analysts are even stating that Trump failed to get much back from Kim at all and that the North Korean leader should still not be trusted.
“I do trust him, yeah,” Trump shared with ABC’s George Stephanolouplos when asked the obvious question we were all thinking. “He really wants to do a great job for North Korea. He’s de-nuking the whole place, and I think he’s going to start very quickly. He really wants to do something, I think, terrific for their country.”
Trump seems pretty sure of himself, but not everyone is convinced. Some experts are already predicting that the war games could resume by next Spring.
Let’s see what the crowd has to say about it! Will the ongoing threat of war between the two countries become reality by next Spring? Or did Trump actually achieve peace?
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