Optimize Collective Intelligence

Say goodbye to silos and encourage collaboration between team members!

Make a Prediction Make a Suggestion

At CrowdBridge, we believe the people in your organization know more about the future of your organization than anyone else. We use gamification to help you crowdsource what your employees really think and feel about your business and how to use it to your advantage. With these insights, you will drive innovation, make better strategic choices, and mitigate risks.

Ideal for large government organizations

We want to move away from silos and get collaboration on the best ideas when developing policy. When it turns to implementation, we want feedback from the crowd so we can better serve our target audience.
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Ideal for fast-scaling tech companies

We want to stay connected to our staff even as our company continues to grow. We need strategic insights on how to engage with our employees and encourage top performers to innovate. We want to honour the work of our employees by amplifying their voice in our decision making. We believe they are the most important part of our organization.
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Forecasts (with ForecastBridge)

ForecastBridge is our solution for engaging employees in strategic forecasting. Research proves that teams are consistently better than individual experts at making forecasts. At CrowdBridge, we encourage employees to make anonymous predictions based on what they think will really happen- and reveal their responses in real time.

Strategy Sessions

Want to diversify the ideas that are discussed in your strategy sessions? Crowdsource insights from everyone on the team before the meeting, learn what the consensus view really is, and build from there.

Risk Assessments

Looking for more than a paper-based risk register? Get an early warning on potential risks in real time. Make sure everyone from the Board to the frontline is aligned.

Resource Allocation

Want to know how to increase your odds of making winning choices in advance? Your team can give you quantitative forecasts that are more accurate than an outside expert.

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Ideation (with InnovationBridge)

InnovationBridge is our solution for the collection and prioritization of ideas. We help organizations find answers to specific pain points by encouraging individuals to respond to a call for ideas. Each idea is then voted on by team members, providing organizations with the insight they need to implement the idea with the best outcome.

Culture Change

Want to improve workplace culture, but not sure which ideas will have the greatest impact? Adopt a transparent process where employees crowdfund the best ones.


Looking to support lightweight yet high impact experiments? Let your team act as both entrepreneurs and investors first by making suggestions for improvement, then by voting on them in our knowledge management system

Skip the Consultant

Have you come up with a great question, but don’t know the answer? Look to your team members instead of seeking an outside consultant.

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At CrowdBridge, we believe in optimizing collective intelligence. That’s why we’ve developed a gamification system that allows you to get the insight you need directly from the people in your organization. Most people agree that employees are the most valuable part of any organization, yet in many cases, employees are underutilized. What gets shared at the watercooler, or after work somehow doesn’t make it into the formal decision-making processes. That’s where we come in. In real time, we help you engage your employees so that leadership can see what the team really thinks. Not only does this place value on your employees’ contributions, it streamlines your business process which leads to better outcomes. CrowdBridge lets you crowdsource insights to harness the wisdom of the “crowds”, and reveal ground truth. We lower strategic and operational risk and increase the likelihood of success for your most important decisions.

Why CrowdBridge?